Welcome to our Forest Foodland website. Our goal is to provide a grocery store that meets the needs of our community. We reach that by providing the products and services that you need at affordable prices. We are proud to serve our community. If there is a community event that we can help with, a product or service that you would like to see us offer, or something else please contact me in-store, by phone or email. We’ll be happy to serve you!

Dave Thompson
Store Manager


 Weekly Flyer: 

Whole Chicken $1.99  LB
Green Grapes $1.99  LB
Compliments Butter 454g $2.99
Heinz Beans 99˘
Doritos $1.99
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 Instore Specials: 

Cashmere Bath Tissue 12Roll $9.99
Cadbury Chocolates 188g $3.99
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 What's New: 

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